Site Clearance: Understanding The Process

08 / 11 / 2021

If you’re about to start a construction project – of any size – a thorough site clearance must be carried out. From getting the ground ready for construction work and of course, to ensuring the environment is safe and secure to work on, the importance of a site clearance cannot be underestimated. If you’re not totally sure what’s involved in a site clearance, the experienced team at Milkris Interiors is here to help.

The purpose of a site clearance

In short, clearing a site involves taking the ground back to its original state, which means the removal of any waste, hazardous objects, buildings, debris, or vegetation, so the land is safe to build on again.

Waste disposal

Waste disposal is the most necessary element of a site clearance, as it’s the removal of any potentially harmful or dangerous objects or substances – which pose a risk to animals, plants and of course, humans.

Vegetation removal

Vegetation removal can involve getting rid of trees, woodland, hedges and scrubs. It’s essential that this is done correctly and by a professional team, as any large hidden roots left can lead to construction problems in the future.

Surface soil

It might come as a surprise to hear, but if you’re planning to build on a site, then you need to remove the top layer of soil. The surface soil cannot be built on, mainly because it contains a high concentration of chemicals and decaying materials, which could impact any new structures built on it.

To remove any of the above will require specific machinery and equipment. While it might seem tempting to attempt to remove a site yourself, it is vital that you bring in the professionals. At Milkris Interiors we are trained to work with any specific removal equipment required, which means we have the knowledge and expertise to clear your site correctly, safely and efficiently. It’s also worth noting, at Milkris Interiors, we are committed to protecting the environment, which is why we are proud to promise our 100% landfill diversion policy.

What does the process include?

Before a site clearance can take place, there are a number of things that need to be considered by carrying out a thorough assessment. This will help to identify the likes of any potential risks involved, an evaluation of the existing ground conditions, as well as looking at the most efficient ways to carry out the work involved. It’s also important to consider the impact it will have on the environment and how you will handle this.

Additionally, any necessary signs should be put up around the land, to indicate the nature of any work that is going on, for the health and safety of anyone on site – these signs should also ensure that any necessary protective equipment is worn by those entering, for example, a hard hat or high-vis clothing.

Using a professional team

If you’re planning to carry out a construction or building project, then it’s clear you need to bring in a professional, skilled and experienced team to complete a full site clearance first.

As well as the benefits we’ve already listed to bringing in a team like ours here at Milkris Interiors, it’s important to consider the legal requirements involved in a site clearance. As a fully licenced waste removal specialist, Milkris Interiors can confidentially take care of your site clearance, which means you don’t have to worry about a thing. Serving London and its surrounding counties, our team is available 24/7. So, if you’d like to pre-book a service, or would like to discuss your site clearance further then get in touch.







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Paul Woolveridge, Operations Manager,
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Julian Hudson,
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