Maximising Your Restaurant Space: a fit out guide

20 / 09 / 2023

Do you know that having a well-designed restaurant can streamline your processes and help you reach your business goals?

Of course, there is a lot to fit into a restaurant – from the kitchen, bar and dining area to the servers, host, and guests. Therefore, it is important to make the most of your floor plan to achieve maximum productivity within the space you have available.

So, whether you’re contemplating opening your first restaurant or you’ve already secured a venue, the fit out specialists at Milkris have got you covered. These top tips will help maximise your space and create a comfortable and efficient dining environment for your guests – and whatsmore, get on the road to success in the restaurant industry. 

1. Choose versatile furniture

Choose furniture that can be easily rearranged to accommodate different group sizes and layouts. For example, tables that are square are better suited to smaller restaurants and bars than large round tables, since they can be pushed together to accommodate larger groups.

This flexibility allows you to make the most of your space – especially if you have a small or awkwardly shaped restaurant – a challenge restaurant owners in cities like London often experience.

2. Utilise vertical space

Install shelves or use hanging storage solutions to maximise storage and keep your restaurant organised. This frees up valuable floor space and keeps everything within reach.

3. Create designated zones

Divide your restaurant into different areas such as dining, bar, and waiting areas. This helps optimise flow and functionality, ensuring that each space serves its purpose efficiently.

4. Consider booth seating

Booths or banquettes along walls are a great way to maximise seating capacity while still providing comfort and privacy for your guests.

5. Make use of mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors can create an illusion of a larger space. They reflect light and make the area appear more open and spacious.

6. Choose compact kitchen equipment

Choose smaller, efficient kitchen equipment to save space. Look for multi-functional appliances that can perform several tasks.

7. Utilise outdoor seating

If you have access to outdoor areas or a patio, consider utilising it for additional seating. Outdoor seating expands your dining space and provides a unique experience for your guests. You can even make outdoor seating comfortable in the winter if you install outdoor heaters and canopies.

8. Install sliding or folding doors

Use sliding or folding doors to create flexible spaces that can be opened or closed off as needed. This allows you to adapt to different group sizes and events.

9. Optimise your bar area

Use vertical racks for glassware and organise bottles efficiently to maximise space behind the bar. This ensures that everything is easily accessible for your bartenders.

10. Embrace technology

Implement digital menus or online reservation systems to reduce the need for physical space. This streamlines operations and enhances the guest experience.

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I can highly recommend Denis and his team if you are looking for a reliable, professional and excellent contractor to deliver on time and what you require. They recently completed a large refurbishment of rooms, studios and common areas (Kitchens) at the property I work at and this was delivered on time and to an excellent finish and at the same time providing a very good level of support once completed, any issues or snagging completed quickly as and when required

Paul Woolveridge, Operations Manager,
iQ Student Accommodation

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Edward Swindells,
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Julian Hudson,
General Manager,
Holiday Inn Express