Wait and Load or Traditional Skip Hire?

24 / 08 / 2021

The Pros and Cons

Whether you’re undergoing a renovation, having a home clear-out, or simply need to get rid of a significant amount of waste, you’re likely to be exploring different ways to get rid of any unwanted rubbish. Two options to consider are Wait and Load, and traditional skip hire. While both provide great hassle-free alternatives to time-consuming, repetitive, trips to the tip, there also come with their own pros and cons. But what are they?


Wait and Load

The Pros

Simply put, Wait and Load is exactly as it sounds: it involves a waste removal expert, just like the professionals at Milkris Interiors, driving a van over to a specified location, before the rubbish is loaded onto the van and immediately taken away. This is usually a pretty rapid process and better still, if you use Milkris Interiors, a trained member of staff can help load the van if required.

Of course, one of the most obvious benefits of a Wait and Load service is that it provides the perfect alternative to waste removal for those who don’t have the space for a fixed traditional skip. Instead, Wait and Load is on-site temporarily and tends to be loaded quickly, which means there is no need to apply for a permit from the council. What’s more, this means there’s less chance of you annoying neighbours than there is with a traditional skip, that can not only get in the way but can also be an eyesore too.

Wait and Load is extremely flexible, especially when you use a 24/7 service like that at Milkris Interiors. This means that it can be particularly beneficial for those who are working to a tight schedule.

There is also no limit to how often you can use Wait and Load, so you can book the service as many times as you want. This makes it a great option for those anticipating they will need to remove waste in stints and so, making a booking as and when they need it.

The Cons

Wait and Load services tend to work better if you have the waste ready to dispose of, there and then. If you have a big job, with regular waste removal over a longer duration, and don’t want to feel pressured into removing rubbish at a certain time, then Wait and Load might not be the best option for you.


Traditional Skip Hire

The Pros

The convenience of hiring a traditional skip cannot be underestimated, especially because most companies will allow you to hire a skip size to suit your needs. So, if you have the available space on site then traditional skip hire might be the best option for you. This is especially the case if you’ve taken on a big job, which is likely to involve getting rid of waste regularly, over the course of a few days. Plus, hiring a traditional skip avoids any unnecessary waiting around for a waste removal service because it’s constantly there.

Better still, the waste is collected at the end of the hire, which means you can keep a traditional skip for as long as it is needed.

The Cons

Hiring a traditional skip in an area that has parking restrictions, means that you will need to get a permit from the council, which will come at a charge and might be a hassle to organise, especially within London.

Additionally, a risk that comes with hiring a traditional skip is the potential for fly-tipping. The temptation for neighbours and passers-by to use your skip to dump their rubbish, often proves too much, resulting in your skip quickly filling up with other people’s waste. A real danger of this is people might dump prohibited or hazardous items in your skip, which could leave you with a hefty bill to pay come skip collection day.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a waste removal service that’s fuss-free and quick, then get in touch with Milkris Interiors. Our team of professionals serve central London and the surrounding areas, working round the clock 24/7, 365 days of the year. Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail, so we can work with you to provide the perfect waste removal solution to meet your needs.







I can highly recommend Denis and his team if you are looking for a reliable, professional and excellent contractor to deliver on time and what you require. They recently completed a large refurbishment of rooms, studios and common areas (Kitchens) at the property I work at and this was delivered on time and to an excellent finish and at the same time providing a very good level of support once completed, any issues or snagging completed quickly as and when required

Paul Woolveridge, Operations Manager,
iQ Student Accommodation

Milkris have consistently completed Travelodge refurbishment projects to an exceptionally high standard and within the required timeframes. Lines of communication and response times are both also excellent.

Edward Swindells,
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Milkris Interiors carried out our £2 million refurbishment to our hotel the Holiday Inn Express London Stratford which was completed early 2019. Denis and his team were thoroughly professional throughout the works. As the hotel remained open they were duly sensitive to the guests needs and completed the job with minimal disturbance. They worked speedily and efficiently completing the works on time even though we had a challenging timetable and needed to make amendments during the works. Denis was always available to discuss progress and very easy to work with. His team are highly professional and hard working. I would definitely recommend Milkris Interiors to my colleagues.

Julian Hudson,
General Manager,
Holiday Inn Express