Office Lighting Ideas: Creating a bright and productive workspace

22 / 05 / 2023

Creating a bright and productive workspace is essential for maintaining focus, boosting mood and increasing overall productivity. One key aspect that significantly contributes to the ambience and functionality of an office is lighting. In fact, the right office lighting can totally transform a dull and dreary space into an energising and efficient environment. Here, the team at Milkris Interiors explore various lighting ideas that promise to create a bright and productive office fit-out.

1. Maximise natural light

Making the most of natural light whenever possible is the ideal choice for those wanting to create a bright workspace and boost productivity. Of course, it’s also worth mentioning the multiple health benefits that come with natural lighting, including reduced eye strain, increased alertness and improved overall mood. With that in mind, consider positioning desks and workstations near windows to maximise explore to natural light. Additionally, remove heavy curtains that block sunlight and consider replacing them with adjustable blinds or sheer window coverings, that allow ample light to enter the room.

2. Include task lighting

In addition to natural light, task lighting is a must for any workspace. 

What is task lighting? As the name suggests, task lighting enables people to carry out certain tasks in the room, by illuminating specific work areas and promoting focus. This could be in the form of a desk lamp, for example. These should be positioned to minimise shadows and provide direct lighting, especially for the task required, whether that be reading or writing. 

A top tip from us is to choose task lighting with adjustable brightness levels to accommodate different tasks and personal preferences. 

3. Overhead lighting is key

Adequate overhead lighting is essential for evenly illuminating the entire office space. Choose lighting fixtures that provide bright, uniform lighting, without causing glare or discomfort. LED panel lights are always a common choice because they distribute light evenly. Again, consider installing dimmable lights to allow for flexibility when it comes to adjusting brightness depending on the specific needs and preferences of staff.

4. Complete the space with accent lighting

Accent lighting completes a room while enhancing the overall atmosphere.

What is accent lighting? Simply put, accent lighting is used to draw attention to particular areas within a room, whether it’s in the form of a wall light, table lamp or even a floor lamp. We advise that you use accent lighting to highlight the likes of artwork, plants or architectural features. 

Place your accent lighting strategically and you’ll create a more visually appealing environment, which will result in improving overall mood.

5. Pay attention to colour temperature

The colour temperature of lighting plays a significant role in creating the right atmosphere in a workspace. While warmer lighting will create a cosy and relaxed environment, cooler lighting will provoke energy and prompt alertness. 

It’s worth considering the nature of the work being performed in the office when choosing the colour temperature. So, for tasks that require focus and concentration, we recommend cooler light.

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